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Accelerate Portal is an International platform aimed to facilitate sustainable capital investment into developing countries, especially Africa. We aim to provide bespoken financial and Business Consultancy services to enhance your investment efficiency and reduce the risk associated to it. We partner with local consulting firms specialized in sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses.
Investment process
Our modular but integrated approach to investments ensures an effective, robust and transparent investment, where both Investor and investee are linked to the same objective, develop and growth the business.

Large collaborative and reliable database sustained by network of business to  Give clear and transparent view of existing opportunities to investors. Building a Database of SMEs and their performance would reduce information asymmetry Tries and help investors make decisions

Range of Investment Tools: Simple, robust and effective, we aim to use the most adequate Investment tools to suit a riskless return on the investment.  The use of Loans, Royalties, mezzanine and definition of an exit strategy are key Indicators of Our investment tools. 

Risk management: We understand risk associated on investment in emergent  Countries, and we aim to assess the state of each business through a thorough and Extensive process of due diligence to minimize the risk. Our portfolio also presents a simple model of Investment strategies aligned to mandatory tools such as Exit Strategy process and investment follow up

Follow up: Accelerate would be represented on the board of every fund recipient.  The function of Accelerate representative is to monitor organisation's operations as Well as ensure the company is following agreed a proved strategy and expansion plans.

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